Govt, Kamlaris ink deal; protests end

Agitating former Kamlaris (indentured girl child labourers) have called off their 10-day-long protests and the indefinite Tarai banda after the government agreed to meet their demands.

The two sides signed a 10-point agreement on Friday, where the government agreed to provide compensation to the family of Srijana Chaudhary, a 12-year-old domestic whose death sparked the protest.

“We have signed a 10-point agreement,” said Phakala Tharu, programme manager at the United Committee for the Elimination of Kamlari Practice, the body formed to lead the movement.

As per the agreement, the government will provide Rs 500,000 to Chaudhary’s family. She was found burned to death at her employer’s house in Lalitpur in late March.

The government also agreed to provide an additional Rs 500,000 if the government-formed investigation team finds the employer, Yubraj Poudel, and his brother-in-law, Shankar Adhikary, guilty of murder.

“The government also agreed to bear the cost of treatment for former Kamlaris injured in clashes with the police in Kathmandu and in other places in western Tarai,” Shanta Chaudhary, former Kamlari and Constituent Assembly member, said.

Other agreements include announcing the abolition of the Kamlari practice within a month and providing rehabilitation packages, freeing the rest of the Kamlaris , providing Kamlari ID cards and scholarship to former Kamlaris and punishing those who buy girl-children as Kamlaris .

Meanwhile, the indefinite banda enforced by the former Kamlaris continued for the fourth consecutive day in some districts in the Tarai region on Friday, our district correspondents reported.


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